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See a basketball game in Maples Pavilion.


Break into the Old Chem Building. See an intern in Special Collections. Attempt to stop procrastinating. Attend Senior Pub Night. Board to class. Go to a concert.

Things To Do Before You Graduate by Patricia Hudak

Have brunch at Hobee's. Study Abroad. Run the Campus Loop. Waltz at Viennese Ball. See Gaities. Go on a weekend beach trip.

101 Things to Do Before You Graduate

Fall asleep in Green Library. Learn new things about your dorm mates during Secret Snowflake. Bike on Alpine Road. Arm-wrestle a football player.

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Buy too many Stanford clothes. Get into a bike accident. Bonus points if it's in the Circle of Death. Read a book for fun. Catch yourself abiding by the Honor Code. Pose with a Rodin sculpture.

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  3. Don’t be miserable, sing Les Mis!.
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Go to the top of Hoover Tower. Indulge in dormcest you know you want to Complain about stern food. Visit the Stanford Shopping Center.

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Get to know your RFs. Live on The Row. Ride a cable car in San Francisco. Write a review at The Unofficial Guide to Stanford. Go to Yosemite. Study in an off-campus coffee house. Order Tracker. Follow Find Me a Gift. Featured Activity Segway Thrill for Two.

101 Things You Should Do Before You Graduate

Experience Offers Available for a Limited Time. For Him Beer Hampers. For Her Microwavable Llama Teddy. Popular T Rex Projector. Great Gift! G Clamp Bottle Opener. Let Celebrate!

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  • Our Dearest Memories Poster. Great for Couples Happy Anniversary Experience. Sit down for 10 minutes on an empty lecture hall Have at least one local ozy friend Learn a new language Swim in a fountain Get involved in a play or other performance Go on road trip Visit the art installation Apply for internship Find a part time job on campus or off campus is fine too Get vocal and animated with your support.

    Join a sport team Win a quiz or trivia or game night Join a competition as a university group Pop out on movie night with costumes Go for brunch with classmates you never speak to before Buy a secondhand book Do a video conference with your family during the class Sell your book Get your textbook signed by your lecturer Ask for a photo with your class Make a vlog of your typical uni week Use a fake silly name on a speed friendship session Write a graduation speech Shoot and post it on social media mention us please!

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