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To enjoy it you had better love battle scenes and have a fair amount of tolerance for blood and gore, as the focus is on the struggle to unify Britain under Christian Saxon rule, warfare between Danes and Saxons, and the conflict between Christianity, which was growing in power and influence, and the pagan way of life. Uhtred, the protagonist, is a Saxon raised by Danes who remains a pagan despite fighting on the Saxon side. His viewpoint is interesting, and his observations, as an outsider, of the growing influence of Christianity are often critical.

His observations about the faded remnants of Roman occupation are poignant. I could not put it down and my spouse was forced to tolerate my telling him I could not speak because I was in the middle of an important battle. I liked the postscripts at the end of each volume, when the author points out what was based on historical fact vs what fictional. Hard to put down. More addictive than gaming! To this point in the series, the story has built upon one book to another. It is a series that must start from the beginning to gain understanding, for the past books give the reason and understanding for the current story.

King Alfred The Great dies and leaves a young king a legacy, vision, and chaos to manage before the onslaught of the greatest Dane army yet to ravage Wessex and Mercia. Utred, the narrator, lays out the plot in a steady coherent manner that brings intrigue and anticipation together on pages in a way few story tellers are able to do. I started and finished the book in two days and since starting the series have struggled to put the story down and take time to eat, drink, sleep and work. A series not for the faint of heart. Graphic in the story telling are details that paint the picture of a hard life where no one worried about upcoming elections even while the leadership changed.

People served not by choice but by the compulsion to survive.

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Men slaughtered. Women were property and children were necessary pawns played out by fate in a world that cared little for freedom, equality and fairness. The endings of his books leave me feeling as though I had just finished the dessert of a multi-course meal. Now is the time to get something done before the next meal is ordered and the feasting begins again. Een iemand vond dit nuttig.

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  8. This is the sixth book in thee Saxon Tales and follows Uthred a Saxon that was raised by the Danes but finds himself fighting the Danes again and again. This time Uthred finds himself doing what he didn't want to do, pledging to a dying King Alfred that Uthred will pledge himself to Alfred's son, Edward when he is crowned. After a period of unusual inaction from the Danes, they finally invade again and it is up to Uthred to help a hesitant King Edward preserve his kingdom.

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    This book can be read as a standalone, but it is better if you read the series in order. JK Rowling. Click on below image to change. Click on image to Zoom. Average Rating. Submit Review Submit Review. Check Delivery Status. Dispatched in working days. Availability In Stock. Guaranteed service. International Shipping available. Other Books By Author.

    New Book Releases. Contact Us. Monday to Saturday 9. E-Gift Coupon , click here. Insights Insights, Account, Orders. About SapnaOnline. Why Shop at SapnaOnline. Create New Account. My Order History. In the autumn of , a series of television programs based on the first two novels and using the title of the first novel — The Last Kingdom — has led book sellers to link the novels to the television series by referring to them as The Last Kingdom novels.

    The author renamed the series The Last Kingdom , per a news notice at his website. Bernard Cornwell mentioned in the historical notes at the end of The Lords of the North third novel that he intended to continue writing The Saxon Stories.

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    Stephen Butchard is the writer. A series of eight minute episodes was produced. In an interview, Cornwell said he did not believe that the success of Game of Thrones led to the decision to produce The Last Kingdom. This is rooted in reality. Two series had aired by early The third, with ten episodes, was released exclusively by its sole producer Netflix ; BBC was no longer involved. Streaming began on 19 November From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Emertainment Monthly.

    Boston: Emerson College. Archived from the original on 22 June Retrieved 9 June Bernard Cornwell. Retrieved 30 December The Arts Desk. IB Times.

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    Retrieved 22 December Retrieved 16 January The Guardian. Retrieved 19 October