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One of the method that has been successful in overcoming these challenges is the generalized linear model GLM , which requires that the response variable have a distribution from the exponential family.

Basics of Probability, Binomial & Poisson Distribution: Illustration with practical examples

The major advantage of a copula regression is that there are no restrictions on the probability distributions that can be used. First part of this study, we will briefly discuss about copula regression by using several variety of marginal copula functions and copula regression is the most appropriate method in non Gaussian variable violated normality assumption regression model fitting.

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Also we validated our results by using real world example data and random generated observations data. Second part of this study, we discussed about multiple regression model based on copula theory, and also we derived multiple regression line equation for Multivariate Non-Exchangeable Generalized Farlie-Gumbel-Morgenstern FGM copula function.

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Compare the prerequisites:. Course Description : Emphasizes probability, probability density functions, distributions, statistical inferences and estimation, correlation, and regression.

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