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A qualified behaviourist can help with behavioural issues such as excessive barking, aggression, destructiveness and phobias. Teaching your dog basic obedience like sit, wait and coming back when called gives them the freedom to do the things they like to do, like running off lead and coming with you to meet friends and family, while being safe and under control.

Dog training

Dogs are intelligent animals and most love to learn so training can be a great way of stopping them from getting bored. All training should be reward based. Giving your dog something they really like such as food, toys or praise when they show a particular behaviour means that they are more likely to do it again. Favourite treats are often small pieces of meat or cheese.

Travelling with an assistance dog?

The better the reward the more your dog will enjoy training and learning. Share this Find a trainer. Toilet training.

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Learning to be left alone. Lie down. Come when called.

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Walk without pulling. Leave alone.

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