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It was He never saw his family again. His four brothers and his parents were all murdered. His youngest brother, David, was a week shy of his thirteenth birthday when Shmuel left Germany. While many German refugees never wanted to hear of Germany again, Shmuel Traum was different. Shmuel Traum was a man of style and conviction, even at age Although he was never really wealthy, he was an extremely generous person.

The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word.

Alfred Traum - National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism

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The child had a bad dream. My biggest dream would be to go on a trip around Australia. Browse trauern. Trauernde r.

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  • Sein Traum war, dass alle Menschen gleich sind - His dream was that every man is equal.
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  • Both seem to be commonly used. I think I recognize the word Alp as a medieval word for some kind of demon or ghoul. That may be the origin of the word Alptraum , but it's possible the spelling has changed in the meantime. The Alb part is related to "Elf" or "Elbe", which are mythical creatures like kobolds or goblins believed to have been sitting on your chest while you were sleeping and having a nightmare.

    A synonym for Albtraum is Albdruck "elf-pressure" See Wiktionary. There is a wide variety of different ways of spelling those creatures' names, and they will have regionally different names too. The word alp is a Middle High German form, and in the past spelling was not standardised. I have come across both forms, and being from North Germany I seem to remember that Al p traum was more commonly used Albtraum being more frequent in Southern Germany , but that both were equivalent variations.

    I think I recognize the word "Alp" as a medieval word for some kind of demon or ghoul. That may be the origin of the word "Alptraum". It's actually not possible to recommend the one or the other.

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    So maybe "Al b traum" is the better choice? For these names, Wikipedia says: "Alb" was formerly supposed to come from Latin "montes albi" white mountains , but more likely it was a celtic word for "mountain pasture". After all, it's really up to you which variant to use. Coming from Frankonia, where "p" is anyway spoken as "b", I would prefer "Al b traum". But I would never argue with someone stronger who insists on "Al p traum" being the one any only correct word - this could end up in a nightmare Both versions are correct according to Duden and Wahrig dictionaries.