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Livingston's family claims that the poem was a family tradition that began in University professor Don Foster and British researcher Jil Farrington separately did research that may prove it was Livingston rather than Moore who was the poem's author. The reindeer names "Donner" and "Blitzen" are also related to the Livingston claims.

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In the earliest versions of the poem, those two names were different. The customs revolving around St.

Nicholas in German-speaking countries are very different from the visit portrayed in the poem. The whole scenario of St. Ebooks

Nicholas delivering gifts on the night before Christmas does not match with how they celebrate the holiday. The feast day of St.

The tradition for the night of Dec. While this may still be done in some communities, in others they don't make a personal appearance. Instead, children leave their shoes by the window or door and awaken on Dec. This is somewhat similar to leaving stockings hung on the chimney to be filled by Santa Claus.

Protestant reformer Martin Luther introduced das Christkindl an angel-like Christ Child to bring Christmas gifts and reduce the importance of Saint Nicholas.

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Later this Christkindl figure would evolve into der Weihnachtsmann Father Christmas in Protestant regions. Children may leave a wish list in their shoes on Dec. Christmas Eve is now the most important day of the German celebration. Family members exchange gifts on Christmas Eve. Santa Claus and St. Nicholas are not involved. He is best known for his amusing works for children, although he wrote serious works as well. His fame in the English-speaking world is due to two humorous tales that were turned into Disney films in the s.

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Disney studios turned these two books into the films "Emil and the Detectives" and "The Parent Trap" , respectively. Younger brother of the literary celebrity and political figure Hans Magnus Enzensberger , he maintained a relatively low media profile throughout his career, in spite of being embroiled in one of the more interesting literary scandals of early 70s Germany. The book generated a furore when it was first published in Germany, not least due to its linking of personal cleanliness with totalitarianism.

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Smut is an experimental work in which dirt is described scientifically, personally and perversely by a panoply of narrative voices, including fragments from the anthropologist Mary Douglas alongside writers from Samuel Beckett through William S. Burroughs to Jean Genet.

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It has since then fallen into neglect and remains out of print in both English and German. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Christian Enzensberger.