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Even though I had a few ties left to sew, I had to move on. After dinner, I dashed to the fabric bin and dug out these animal-print cheetah? Las Vegas snow leopard? They were long, fabulous and forgotten. And best of all, I could cut them to my exact specifications. STEP 2 Fold over so the fabric is inside out.

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Pin the raw edges together and sew a seam along the entire length of the fabric. Tearfully hand it to you husband, along with a long wooden spoon and tell him to figure it out. STEP 4 Slip the D-rings over one end, and fold the end over twice; sew a couple of seams along the folded ends.

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Fold over and sew the other end as well to finish it off. STEP 5 Fire up the iron so you can smooth this belt out flat. Watch in horror as the material starts melting with the first touch of the iron. Pretend like nothing happened and casually pull out your fabric bin again. Please, please accept my apologies if you are the poor woman whose child buys her that last belt at the Bazaar. The fabric was thick, modern, bright and snazzy. STEP 1. Measure your fabric lengthwise, and cut it to be about 2. Use the width of your D-rings as a guide. STEP 2 Starch your fabric.

Fold fabric in half with hems folded flat and iron the whole belt again. STEP 3 With all hems folded in, sew a seam along the entire length of the fabric. Fold the fabric over. Stitch it shut. STEP 5 Make as many of these as the fabric allows. Just in time for spring — A ray of sunshine around your waist!

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This week I helped a friend sell her armoire on Craigslist. But I soon realized it would be unfair to burden one person with all that unsolicited advice. I love the thrill of the hunt and the chance to practice my negotiation skills. I love meeting new people in different neighborhoods, and conducting fairly large transactions in cash, usually at night. But beneath all those great deals lurks a hidden dark side: the use of misleading adjectives to describe terrible furniture. As a public service, Projectophile is alerting its readers to the unregulated use of Misleading Craigslist Furniture Adjectives.

All of these photos were taken from the Craigslist Chicago Furniture-by-owner listings on April 23, , and are probably still available for purchase.


It just looks like regular furniture to me. Was it made without power tools? Smells like Rumspringa? Smells musty and is the habitat of several species of spiders just waiting to have babies in your house. Are you feeling lucky? This term describes pretty much anything that is old and has rounded edges. This Art Deco Dresser is perfect for storing Pepsi and power tools.

Pastels, tropical prints, almost always faded and lumpy. A Free Couch. This must be one of my ads. I call everything gorgeous, because for some reason people believe it. Would look great on the set of Sopranos. Invite your enemies to have a drink and relax in it. The paint is probably peeling, which — in the twisted logic of Shabby Chic—is a selling point. Come equipped with a pickup truck and 12 friends to move this monster out of my 4th-floor walk-up apartment. Hernia belts and steel-toed boots should be provided to all movers and bystanders alike.

Before purchasing this solid wood entertainment center, ask to see a photo taken after This Victorian Living Room set comes with the original s plastic slipcovers. My Grandpa, who is not Henry Darger. How to live with and love your inherited art. Last week, my husband stumbled upon the work of iconic outsider artist Henry Darger. Scott fretted that he had never seen any of the thousands of pages of fantastical watercolors that Darger painted in his single room apartment on the north side of Chicago.

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Because our apartment also on the north side of Chicago is filled with the best works of MY favorite outsider artist. His name is Grandpa. He moved to the north side of St.

Louis just after World War I. Grandpa only finished a couple years of high school before finding employment at the Pullman Railroad Company, where he worked until his retirement in Experts are unsure why an ink drawing on a handkerchief managed to last 85 years. He married my Italian Grandma, Louise Stefanoni, in , and settled down in a one-bedroom brick bungalow.

They had their only child in We also shared a love of using outdoor furniture indoors. Grandpa never went to art school, or really much school at all. But he loved art, and that was all that mattered. He began drawing comics and illustrations in the s, and even had a couple of them published. Grandpa took up painting in the s.

He never settled on a distinctive style, or even a favorite medium. He tried watercolors, pastels, colored pencils, and acrylics, embellished with textures of painted burlap, wood shims, and papier mache. We have much in common: We both love parties and cardigan sweaters and eating at Long John Silvers I used to trade him my coleslaw for his crunchies. We both got married right before the Major Economic Disasters of our respective generations. Celebrating our 1st and 70th birthdays. Grandpa taught me to love art. I would enter every coloring contest usually something about the Easter Bunny or Railroad Safety , and bring the blank pages to Grandpa.

He would pull out a worn set of colored pencils and proceed with a lesson on blending, scumbling and burnishing, or how use shading to illustrate the source of light in the composition.

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Despite the mini-art lessons — or likely because of them — I never won a single coloring contest. Grandpa died in while I was away at college. I inherited his sweaters, his art and sewing supplies including an impressive button collection , and best of all — I had my pick of his best paintings:. Untitled acrylic and mixed media. Untitled mixed media. This painting was a gift to my maternal grandmother, who died in Untitled Still Life hanging in my dining room, bumming out everything around it with this dark, heavy frame.

The simplest method would be to just pop the art right out of the frame, like I did with the DIY Bulletin board project. Sorry kids, sometimes one generation has to sacrifice for another. Grab one of the disposable brushes from the pack I told you to buy in Post 7, and tug at the bristles to free any loose hairs. Give the frame one coat of primer.

I quit after one coat, but if you are less lazy than me, go for seconds. If your Grandpa is still alive, go visit him right away. Birthdays are my favorite holiday. An excuse to turn every respectable profession into a naughty one. July 4th?

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Too loud, too hot and too many lost fingers. And Christmas? There are no TV specials or long lines at the airport, no greeting cards or special colored-candy to buy. My youngest just turned two, and per tradition, I wanted to create a cake that reflected his interests and values. His favorite thing in the world?