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But there are some people who can be seen in two places at the same minute. Keinek was seen walking through the park here before he died on his frigate in China. So you seel He was a good, good man, Keinek, not a beast like Malghom, who is not a caJlet deusan ArrHoriJi hard, or true man of Brittany , but just a dirty gypsy, a regular Teuss' ArpoutiSk three - headed devil , who shows different faces to each different person he speaks to.

He pretends not to be afraid of us because I am so littie yet, and you are a girl. How dare he call me that! Ldic meditated profoundly.

ما را در صفحات مجازی دنبال کنید.

Then he declared, de- cisively: "Yes, I did, one, two, no — three days ago. Mamma balHed you and sent you home, don't you re- 55 c,q,z. Well, he, Malgborn, had been talking to her in the orchard, and I had heard him speak of 'Mam'xelle Gaidtk' and the apricots — those we climbed in the tree for, it must have been — and after you left he winked at me and seemed to crow over your being punished. Mamma is cruel unkind to you, Gaid. I think that was very wrongl When I'm a man, Gaidik, you'll have everything you want, and never a single scolding I" " How many times must I tell you that I dtm't mind mamma's scoldings?

I always feel as if I could kill anybody who beats you," she continued, almost in a whisper, but with tragic in- tensity, her face growing very dark and her lips trem- bling. I can't endure it. I really, really can'tl" "Bahl" the child answered, with the superiority of a sage, "she's never long angry with me; but when it's with you it lasts a dreadful long while, for ever and ever and ever, which is awful imjusti" His tone was veryim- pressive, and he spolre as if he had a thousand years' ex- perience behind him.

Then he yawned, opening his sweet little mouth as wide as it would go. Another long silence ensued, and gradually, before they knew it, in utter weariness they dropped asleep locked in each other's arms, beneath the smiling moon. The minutes of the warm spring night slid into hours, but on they slept as peacefully as if stretched at full length in their dainty beds, Gaidik's long hair drooping like a veil over her little pet's face and arms, her head Testing quite easily against the balustrade, in one of those graceful poses which children unconsciously adopt.

In the distance the first noises of awakening farm- yards and near by the twittering of birds began at length to be heard, the great castle clock registered the passing hours melodiously, but nothing roused them, and a pret- tier group than those two slumbering little ones would have been difficult to find anywhere. Suddenly LCnc gave a start and jumped up. All oo- ticm of so tmimportant a thing as time had sUpped away from her, and never having as yet watched the first faint streaks of dawn, she could not say that the short night was undoubtedly drawing to an end: So they both peered over the balcony ledge down through many fathoms of dim space, now deserted by the moon-beams, at the water, across whidi was drawn a faint veil of opaline mist.

Saddenly Gudik gave a little cry of delight as she caught sight of a score of big gulls, lazily circling about beneath them half-way down the face of the cliff. Gaidik's gulls — as they were called at KergOat — were most astonishingly tame, and flocked quite fearlessly around this corbelled ledge, where she had accustomed them to come and be luxuriously regaled.

This morn- ing they were almost as silvery gray as the delicate miat 58 c,q,z. Quick as a flash Gaidik had brought an ever well- filled basket from her room, and the great white and gray Mauves, dodging and flapping their satiny pinions in excited confuaon, closed in around her, catching cov- eted morsels from her very hands, held temptingly out to them. Now and again one of them would detadi it- sdf bom the flock and dart after a crumb of that royal feast, surreptitiously thrown by Ldic into the air.

The scene was delicious, and the motions of Gaidik's arms were singulariy beautiful in their perfect unconstraint and ctmiplete familiarity with the ravening, fighting, sharp-beaked gluttons. Without a word she began violently to shake Gaidik, who, quite passive, allowed herself to be swayed to and fro without the slightest protest, accustomed as she was, poor child, to such usage. At last the Marquise spoke: "What's the meaning of this? But be sure of this, if ever any harm comes to him through you, I'll kill you with my own hand I" The threat was so ridiculous and out of all proportion to the present sin, that Gaidik cooumtted the unfortu- nate mistake of laughing a miserable little laugh, which, of course, was interpreted as an additional bit of inso- lence, deserving instant chastisement in the form of two veU-directed blows which left a livid impression on each of the poor little pale cheeks.

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With a yell of rage Ldic threw himself before his sister, extending his dimpled arms in energetic protest, and cry- ing as he did so: "Don't touch her again; do you hear, mamma? I won't have her beaten like that! This brought matters to a climax, and Madame de Ketgdat, who by now had worked herself into one of her most royal frenzies, pounced upon her much-beloved scm and heir, raining blows upon him as if quite incapable of realiflng what she was doing. When at length his mother's passion had spent itself, the boy, who had not uttered a sound during this severe punishment, quietly drew himself up with a shrug of the shoulders and gazed at her with a hard, contemptuous look in his dear, childish eyes, which suddenly struck her to the heart with shame and fear.

Falling upon her Imees, she threw her arms about him, imploring him in the most abject terms to forgive her, and calling him by every endearing name her distress suggested to her. The whole pitiful scene had scarcely lasted a moment, 6i c,q,z. She then resetted to bribery, and toys and pleasures of all possible sorts were promised, but the Uttle fellow would not yield; and without a tear, without even vouchsafing a single word, he braved her with a strength of will absolutely con- founding.

The moon hath swung and the bourdon rung To many a changeful hour, Sotnewliere and when they will swing agidn," Qnoth the Owl in the ruined tower. And the black Bat winnowed throng shine and b Ab the moonlit dusk were chaff, And wavered aroand to the eerie sound Of his clerical, wheezy laugh. This leathery-pinioned wag, "The pie and daw with tbeii sticks and straw And dirty red-flannel rag! Red flannel and sticks they will find won't mixt" Quoth the Owl in the ruined tower.

It was a bright, fresh, exquisite moming; when the diiklren left the caatle on their frisky little pontes.

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The 63 c,q,-z. Rainbow - hued beads of moisture sparkled on every bush, the smooth bridle-path through the forest rang cheerily under the horses' feet, and as the sun gradually fought its way through the interlaced branches, and made splashes of scintillating light among the imderbrush, their spirits rose, and they laughed and shouted as hare or rabbit rushed out of cover, or a plover rose screaniing above their heads, flap- jnng its broad wings in an intoxication of freedom and strength.

The painful scene of the preceding night was almost forgotten, and save for the increased pallor of Gaidik and the somewhat nervous boisterousness of Ldic, had left no apparent traces. The country became far more broken as they advanced, the Itmg slopes covered with chestnut, cork -oak, and wal- nut trees soon giving way to sharper hills, densely grown with pines and firs and profusely interspersed by rocky crags. A choice place for game, as Gaidik and LOic well knew, for it was there that the great autumn KergAat hunts had taken place every year in the late Marquis's lifetime.

Their cheeks glowed with excitement as they pushed their little ponies faster and faster, unheeding that the heavier animal ridden by the trustworthy groom in chaise was not keeping pace with them on the rough grotmd and through the tangled boughs. Presently they reached an open space beneath a preci- pice of dark, ivy-mantled rock that rose like a wall across their way, forcing the path to circle about it in a loop, and there they stopped to give the groom opportunity to c,q,-z. Every stick and sod there was dear to them, in that unprofaned atmosphere laden with tile perfume of the wild Bowers, heather, and gorse, growing thickly in every green fold and nook of the land, where the fallow deer and the red deer now led untroubled and peaceful Uves.

After a short breathing'Spell they sped on, the firagrant mad blowing their hair straight behind them in the rapidity of the pace they had adopted, galloping on through the soft, misty, broken simshine filtered by the leafy boughs of trees four and five centuries old, and after a while tfaey came upon a beautiful chestnut farm belcmging to one of the tenants. Both Lflic and Gitidik were enchanted. They dis- mounted on the edge of a pond overhung by hazel and willow where an enormous flock of geese, white as snow, were splashing violently among the lily-pads.

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My Lord Marquis, you and Mademoiselle Gaidik, bless her lovely face. You see, we have not been here since ever so many months, and then we turned back hcAne, but to-day we have time and so we would like to go farther. Has c,q,-z. Go and seek them out.

Rich and Mad

They will assuredly be glad to see you, for you and Monsieur le Uarquis are of a truth good to look at. On and on they rode through the dense wood, where foaming streamlets thundered beneath the serried pines with all the noisy importance of torrents, forming now and then tiny pools as green as emeralds dissolved in nmbeams.

The path was becoming steep, and soon the 67 c,q,-z. It was for the most part of granite clotiied in stone-pines and all the shrubs and hardy plants indigenous to such inhospitable soil, and stood as lonely in the quiet heart of the everlasting woods as any falcon or eagle's nest hanging in the branches. The stout, sure-footed ponies climbed the steep, sharp way quite fearlessly and steadily, their round little hoofs finding excellent hold upon the moss growing everywhere upon it; but the groom was forced to dismount and lead his horse, which by no means quietly or patiently accepted this, to him, entirely novel sort of road.

Presently the wholesome smell of pine-needle smoke began to mingle with the cool air that stirred the bracken, underbrush, and heather, and suddenly the deep, angry growl of a dog was heard above the path, which, after a brusque tuin, ended abruptly upon a broad plateau, where a mass of ruined towers and frowning battlements, with a huge, square fortress at one end, the whole tented by the winds and the rains of centuries to a warm gray- green, stood in superb isolation. In spite of ruin and time and neglect, however, it stall looked majestic, impoang, and splendid, worthy of the great race whose stronghold and birthplace it had been so long, a race which now was also dwindling to a weather- beaten remnant, represented at that moment by a man standing beneath the crumbling donjon-keep, holding by the collar a fierce-looking wolf-hound.

A finer picture than that presented by this magnificent old man holding bis magnificent dog by the collar on the threshold of his magnificently ruined castle would have been difficult to imagine. Even the children were im- pressed after their gay, thoughtless fashion, and Loic, un- covering bis bright locks, advanced, followed by Gaidik, with a certain hesitation and embarrasment quite foreign tobim.

I am Lfiic de Kergdat, and this is my sister Gaidik," he concluded, with a sudden impulse of in- stinctive decorum which a mere peasant certainly would not have aroused. It is only we Nobles who have that sort of music in our voices. You are a sharp Uttle man, and now you must oome into my palatial abode and refresh yourselves, for you must both be thirsty and hungry — small folks Uke yourselves always are. If I rummage around a bit, I will no doubt find something worthy of your appetites.

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A white-capped old woman showed herself for a second, grumbled something quite inarticu- late, and again disappeared into the warm penumbra. She'll come rotmd by-and- by and behave quite properly. Your fairy godmother is a very good woman when one knows her better. I have known her all my life — a Icmg one — she was my nurse.

Let me seel She is just seventeen years older than I am, from which notable fact we can by an artful calculation de- rive Hbe extenuating circumstance that she is now just seventynine years old, and persons so aged are naturally cross from having taken the trouble to live so long. Far, far below the shelving, verdant woods and stretch- ing out to infinite horizons was the distant sea, studded with sails, the capriciously curving shores extending on both sides into realms of softly sparkling light, with here and there a rocky island showing dimly as a dream above the waves.

The whole picture was a dazzle of gold, of emerald, and of sapphire, and familiar as the children were with this beautiful Breton sea and land, they yet exclaimed aloud in their admiration. You, too, at Ker- goat have a magnificent view. I have not been there since your grandmother's time, but I remember it welL Dear me, what a lovely woman your grandmother was in those daysl To be sincere, you are very much like bet. Mademoiselle Marc'baid. She, you know, is very, very beautiful. I know! And how is madame your mamma, my dears ; quite well I trust f" "Quite well," echoed Loic, who was leaning confiding- ly against the old Marquis's knee, as he sat on the broad window-all.

Mon- sieur? I would Uke to show you my boat, my four-in- hand of Exmoor ponies, my garden, and all my things, and," he added, pohtely, "I'm sure mamma would be much pleased to see you. I am a regular hermit, my boy, and I never, never go anywhere. Don't waste your pity, for I have my own two sons always with me here, and very excellent companions they are, too. Where are they? Why don't you call them. Monsieur; perhaps they would Hke to try our ponies, and, also, I smell the galeOes frying; don't they want any galetUsf" Again tlie Marquis laughed heartily.

You can 74 c,q,-z. His own eyes smiled at her, and, taking the little band nearest to him, he patted it with grand- fatherly teademess. Unless I am much mistaken, in spite of Madame voire Mere's gloomy fore- bodings, you are going to develop into that rare and predoufi being, a real Grande Dame, " and he raised her little, sunburned fingers to his lips as gravely and cour- teously as if his prophecy had already come true.

Flocks of pigeons rose from the ivy-grown ruins at the clamor, and shortly afterwards heavy steps were heard approaching. I took the liberty of sending him back to Mar-Jann Kerion's farm, telling him to come again at five o'clock, which will be quite soon enough for us to have to bid you good-bye, Mar- jann is my debtor for a few little things, and will give htm a good dinner as well as feed the horses much better tlian it could have been done here.

It is my big boys whom you hear, and there they are to answer for them- selves. Like their father, they were extremely broad-shouldered and slender- waisted, and also like him wore the most ordi- nary of peasant costumes.

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