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Located in the western Pacific, due east of the Philippines, the Mariana Trench is a 2,kilometre-long mile trough formed as a result of the collision between two tectonic plates.

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At these mind-boggling depths, it is too far for sunlight to penetrate, so the ocean remains in a state of perpetual darkness and the temperature hovers just above zero. Most concerning of all though is the pressure.

The crew embarking on this perilous expedition comprised year-old Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh USA , an experienced submarine operative, and year-old scientist Jacques Piccard Switzerland. Along with his father Auguste himself a record-breaker for flying a balloon to the highest altitude in , Jacques Piccard was the engineering brains behind the Trieste.

After seven months of tests and training off nearby Guam, the moment of truth finally arrived on a sticky, overcast day. The date was 23 January Things started well, with the bathyscaphe making good headway.

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This was a painstaking balancing act: release too little petrol or too much ballast and they might not make the ocean floor in the limited time they had, but release too much petrol and they may never make it back to the surface. Travelling at a rate of about 0. Then came the last thing you want to hear 9, metres 32, feet underwater: a cracking noise, accompanied by a jolt. For a moment, they thought they had reached the bottom, but their instruments indicated they were still steadily descending.

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Unable to determine the cause, but not aware of any imminent danger, the pair decided to continue. The next jolt they experienced was much more welcome: they had reached their destination. Sitting on the seabed with 10, metres 35, feet of ocean above them, they knew at that moment that they had made history. These lyrics are waiting for review. Edit lyrics. Report a problem. Last activities A.

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