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The purpose of this book is twofold: first, to make clear the distinct yet indissoluble relationship between art and poetry, and secondly, to reveal the essential part played by the intellect in both art and poetry, and especially to show that poetry has its source in the preconceptual life of the intellect.

Art, in this context, is taken to mean " the creative or producing, work-making activity of the human mind," and poetry is not " the particular art which consists in writing verses but a process both more general and more primary: that intercommunication between the inner being of things and the inner being of the human Self which is a BOOK REVIEWS kind of divination.

Poetry, in this sense, is the secret life of all the arts. The book has, we think, a threefold division.

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The Introduction comprises two chapters; the first carries out an inductive investigation of the world's art, the second considers art as a practical virtue, and lays some groundwork for the thesis of the work. Creative Intuition in the Artist is then studied through the four causes in the next four chapters.

In Chapter Three the author considers the efficient cause; in Chapter Four the material and formal cause; in Chapters Five and Six the final cause. The third main division, Creative Intuition in the Work, considers the meaning of the work in three steps; in Chapter Seven, the essential meaning; in Chapter Eight the transmission of the meaning; and in the final Chapter, the full meaning.

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The author shows that all art has its roots in poetic intuition. Oriental art, though intent on things, nevertheless reveals obscurely the Self, or the subjectivity of the artist. Occidental art, though increasingly intent on the Self, nevertheless reveals obscurely the inner side of Things. Two arts, intent on opposite poles of interests, come out with Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

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Living Intuitively — Trusting your Intuition

Jimmy Drekore in his poem I cry for you , used the acrostic form very effectively by making each of the letters in Papua New Guinea into lines, forming three stanzas of a very patriotic poem. Every poem reveals a part of the poet and thereby intuitively shares a human experience with the reader. It is often a startling self-revelation to find out what we think and feel when we write poetry and in acrostic poems the word or the phrase that we are interested in is directly involved as an essential part of the whole poem.

Acrostic poetry can be a challenging and useful form for practicing with because the starting letters or words are already provided and what we have to do is supply the rest, joining them together to form a cohesive verse according to whatever inspiration has gained our attention.

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Making the right connections requires intuition, the flip side of inspiration. So writing acrostics is a good learning method for combining your intuition with your intelligence when working with words, images and ideas. Often in friendships we feel our way intuitively, each developing better understanding of the other along the way. Below is an acrostic poem which I wrote for a very good friend in appreciation for what our friendship had come to mean to me over the years.

When I began this acrostic poem I had no idea how it would turn out. But I knew what I wanted to get and recognized it right away when I saw it towards the end. In the process of writing the poem I had revealed a hidden truth which I may not have understood nor expressed better in any other way than using poetic intuition. Let me remember One beautiful day Untouched by illusion Ever as it was meant to be Let it be mine Let it be ours Always.

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