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A refusal to explain how one accomplished something impressive. A process appears to go more slowly if one waits for it rather than engaging in other activities. Alternative form of don't look a gift horse in the mouth. There will always be problems in a relationship. This idiom means that if a person spends time complaining, criticizing and whining about what everyone else does, owns, or how successful other people are about their financial situation, job career, or results they get, instead of focusing and trying their best to improve one's situation, the only consequence is that this behavior will keep them in the guts, that is, at a lower life level than the one they wish to be.

Good friends and acquaintances shouldn't be taken for granted.

Irish Those who fail to speak up fail to get what they want. Never forget a person dead or alive. An expression assuming that once a person of another race gets in a sexual relationship with a black person they won't return to their own race. Irish Near enough is not good enough. Less hurt. Alternative form of a watched pot never boils. Said of a person who has potential that is never fulfilled.

Alternative form of always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Alternative form of apple does not fall far from the tree. Alternative form of barking dogs seldom bite. Having experience of love, even if it ended, is better than having no experience of love.

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We'll take those three porky piglets. At neighborhood theaters. Running time: minutes.

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