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After hearing a radio report of the disaster, the four men took a cab to Seatoun wharf, arriving as the first survivors came ashore. Still dressed in army uniforms, the four men were recruited for the rescue effort and spent hours helping survivors from the icy waters. Afterwards they returned to their Willis St hotel, only to hear more passengers were coming ashore at Eastbourne, and decided to volunteer again, Mr Ellis said. Approaching a police station in search of transport, they were directed up the road to an address where army trucks coming from Eastbourne would be returning to the scene.

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The "address'' turned out to be a makeshift morgue, and the trucks coming from Eastbourne were piled high with the bodies of Wahine 's victims, Mr Ellis said. Mr Ellis' group stepped in, climbing on to the trucks, loading the bodies on to trolleys and wheeling them inside to be certified as deceased. Some of them were bloated and some of them had been gashed on the rocks.

Some of them you'd probably think nothing had occurred to them, they were just dead. His covered inflatable life raft was carrying 13 or 14 passengers - a mix of the elderly and younger families with children - when a monstrous wave, up to 30 feet 9.

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Mr Spiers was thrown clear, but then had to swim after the raft as wind and waves pushed it away. The rest of the passengers were still inside the upturned raft, but Mr Spiers could hear some talking, trapped in an air pocket. He did not have a knife to free them, but then, amid the waves, up popped the head of a man clutching a baby. Mr Spiers pulled them both on board, placing the baby "in a puddle of water on the bottom of the raft''. The other man then produced a knife, which they used to cut through the raft to free those inside.

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A tug approached to attempt a rescue, but was picked up by a wave just as the lifeboat dropped into a trough below. The two vessels crashed together, flipping the lifeboat and throwing Mr Stewart and the other passengers into the sea. For the next 30 minutes, Mr Stewart and the survivors tried to cling to the upturned lifeboat as breaking waves repeatedly swept them off. Then you'd look up and there's this great big huge wave breaking over us. For Mr Stewart, a sudden drop in the wind allowed a fishing boat to come alongside and pluck him and the other survivors to safety.

He was taken to Seatoun wharf, where volunteers offered blankets and hot coffee, and was later taken in by Clutha MP and then-Minister of Transport Peter Gordon. Nearby, Mr Spiers was eyeing the approaching rocky coastline - which was to claim many victims that day - with trepidation.

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The young woman tried repeatedly to escape as her assailant cut her, slammed her to the floor, choked, dragged and attempted to rape her. Her screams eventually drew neighbors, who stopped the attack. Evans-Ford was physically rescued, but it would be years before she was mentally or spiritually healed.

Post-traumatic stress disorder -- common among survivors -- affected her profoundly. In time, and thanks to professional help, she regained her strength and confidence. Argrow's House. The Christian ministry, founded in December , employs four survivors, who create and sell bath and body products in a social enterprise.

It also provides free services, from counseling and spiritual direction to yoga and massage, to about women who are struggling with wounds that are much more than skin-deep. Inside, the scent of lavender fills the air.

Walk through the largely empty living and dining rooms -- left open for yoga and Zumba classes, but easily filled with folding chairs for support groups -- and you pass a large purple sign. She was a survivor of violence and abuse, yet she modeled resilience and joy throughout her life, Evans-Ford said. The kitchen is as busy and cluttered as the rest of the house is calm and spare. Two women are packaging lavender bath balms for a piece order. Like her grandmother, who became a deacon, she would find her path through the church.

Evans-Ford earned an M.

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While she was a student, she volunteered overseas again, this time in South Africa, where she helped women heal from rape. She also volunteered in Nashville, Tennessee, for an organization called Thistle Farms. Dedicated to helping survivors by providing a home atmosphere with free services from therapy to job training, Thistle Farms also employs survivors in a soap-making business. The Thistle Farms model seemed to be a good fit for the holistic social enterprise Evans-Ford was beginning to imagine.

The next few years were taken up with life itself -- meeting and marrying her husband, the Rev. Evans-Ford began a busy and multifaceted career as a visiting professor of theology at St. Ambrose University, a writer and blogger, inspirational speaker, dancer, spiritual director, minister and model. And she became the mother of two children.

She had developed a five-year plan for her social justice enterprise during seminary, and she was now ready to put the pieces in place. Having worked in community development in the Peace Corps, Evans-Ford knew what to do.

She began to develop relationships with people in the community. Do you have a five-year plan for your ministry? Does your personal plan differ from that of your organization? There she found information, inspiration and a community of peers with whom she could continue to work out her idea.

Have you researched the need for the services your organization offers? If so, in what ways did that research shape or inform your plans? Determine if there is a demand for your solution. Evans-Ford was sure of the demand. You can find out more about how Soul Survivor began and how it almost ended after one year because it was losing money! The story of Soul Survivor is a story of what God can do when you take a risk and follow him. Matt started coming to Soul Survivor with his parents when he was just two years old!

But at NSN God began to work in her. Soul Survivor. This website has a number of resources that we hope will help you in your relationship with God. Though our summer events have finished we will be looking to continue to resource the wider church in different ways so do stay in touch.