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Smart cameras.

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Smart doors. Now, the latest physical security product to get smart is the fence.

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The newest wrinkle being added to perimeter fencing is geographical. An Australian vendor, Future Fibre Technologies, which makes fiber-optic perimeter sensors, is linking up its sensors to global positioning so that, when the sensors detect a fence breach, they can deliver the exact latitude and longitude of an event, pinpointing the precise spot of trouble.

Older systems would divvy up perimeter fences into zones. When a breach occurred, the sensors would report that something had happened somewhere within that zone, within 25 yards of the actual event. With the global positioning integration, the new sensors give the exact location of the breach.

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This saves response time, making nuisance alarms less time consuming and allowing a quicker response to real alarms. New walls have been installed recently to create divisions between politically contentious neighborhoods and along contentious borders—in Israel, between India and Kashmir, and most recently within Iraqi towns where Sunni and Shia sects are warring. These walls are almost always called security fences and are much more complex than simple vertical barriers.

For years, fences have been evolving to become complex security systems that include barriers, traps and intrusion detection. The technologies used to make up these complex systems range from the ancient to the cutting edge.

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Recent advances include electronic motion detection and infrared cameras.