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Tehkem seda! Peagi reageerivad reklaamigi ostjad ja sotsiaalmeedia vaesub rahaliselt. See oleks Eesti Vabariigi kingitus inimkonnale Eesti Both institutions and Member States must therefore respect, protect and promote them. The Romanian Presidency, and indeed all of us, agree that the protection of the rule of law, democracy and fundamental rights is essential in our Union. In December, ministers had a first exchange of views on the next steps of the procedure.

At this stage, I cannot prejudge or draw conclusions as regards the final outcome of this procedure. We will keep Parliament informed on the next developments. Indeed, we take seriously into account the concerns expressed by the honourable Members of this House. Let me conclude by saying that the issues raised in this debate go to the heart of our commitment to this Union. We therefore trust that all sides will act responsibly and constructively to reach an outcome in accordance with our core values.

The next day, Parliament adopted its resolution triggering Article 7 1 of the Treaty procedure against Hungary. As I explained then, the Commission shares an important number of concerns expressed in the reasoned proposal of the European Parliament, in particular, as regards fundamental rights, corruption, the treatment of Roma and the independence of the judiciary. Today, I would like to update you on the developments which have occurred since last September, including the developments in the Council.

First, as I already said in September, unlike the European Parliament, the Commission has a right under the Treaties to launch infringement proceedings and, in the case of Hungary, has launched many value-related infringement proceedings. The Commission is determined to make the best use of this power. This legislation criminalises activities that support asylum and residence applications and further restricts the right to request asylum.

Furthermore, last December, the Hungarian Parliament adopted a new law on overtime, amending the Labour Code. As you know, this new law has provoked large street demonstrations in Hungary in recent weeks. The Commission is currently analysing the conformity of the new law with EU law, notably, the Working Time Directive, and sent a letter to the Hungarian authorities seeking further clarifications. In the light of the response received, the Commission will decide on potential next steps.

Also in December, we heard that the Central European University has now been forced to relocate its US-accredited academic programmes from Hungary to Vienna. Having a university forced to leave an EU Member State because of governmental measures and systematic pressure is unprecedented in the history of the European Union.

The situation has been aggravated by the subsequent Government decision to exempt this merger from the scrutiny of both the national competition authority and the media authority. The Commission is also, through the European Semester, monitoring the functioning of the Hungarian justice system, including the regime for the appointment and promotion of judges, the organisation of the prosecution service, and the envisaged setting-up of a new administrative court system.

In December last year, the Hungarian Parliament adopted two laws establishing an administrative court system envisaged to become operational as from It is regrettable that the Hungarian Parliament did not wait for the opinion of the Venice Commission, which is scheduled for March this year. The Commission is currently assessing the new laws in view of their compatibility with EU law and European standards.

The opinion of the Venice Commission will feed this assessment. In addition to infringement proceedings, the Commission is using other instruments, including audits and investigations relating to the use of EU funds and actions through the European Semester, the EU annual cycle of economic policy coordination. The Commission is also monitoring and assessing the implementation of the country-specific recommendations relating to the need to reinforce the anti-corruption framework, to strengthen prosecutorial efforts and improve transparency and competition in public procurement.

As regards the ongoing Article 7 procedure, I regret that, so far, the European Parliament has not been given a genuine opportunity to present its reasoned proposal to the Council. The Commission has made very clear that, whatever position the Council will be taking, it must ensure a fair handling of the reasoned proposal tabled by Parliament. Let me inform you that in November, following a request made by the Austrian Presidency, the Commission presented to the Council a factual overview on its actions as regards Hungary, in particular, the values-related infringement proceedings.

These relate, in particular, to asylum and assistance to asylum seekers, civil society and higher education school segregation of Roma. Most of these cases are already pending before the Court of Justice.

As you know, the Hungarian Government already provided their reply to the reasoned proposal. I do believe the Council now has all the key elements necessary to start with its own assessment of the issues raised.

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  • Ihre Abwesenheit bei der heutigen Debatte zeigt das ganz deutlich. Es darf nicht egal sein, dass sich ein Mitgliedstaat immer mehr von den gemeinsamen Werten verabschiedet. The same House where we, in this very plenary session, are going to vote on amendments regarding the Rules of Procedure that are clearly an attack by the majority against minority views in Parliament. If you cannot see that hypocrisy you must have been in the European Parliament for too long.

    If we see violent bashing of demonstrators in Catalonia, we do not see a reaction from his House. If we see a demonstration, a peaceful demonstration, carried out in Budapest, it is apparently a violation of the rule of law. Hungarian citizens have every reason in the world to take to the streets and they deserve our continued solidarity. Let me list for you some of the developments of this autumn. Mr Timmermans has done so as well. Internal memos of the Hungarian Government became public yesterday and they show what we all know: they are stalling for time.

    Auguri di fine anno.

    Now that is not a surprise, but now that this is official, this demands that the Romanian Presidency come forward with its timetable. European voters have the right to know what their political leaders are going to do. So I ask you to take that responsibility, to invite me to the Council and start a real process.

    Where is your sense of responsibility? Dit zijn percentages, voorzitter, waar de collega's hier nog niet eens van durven te dromen. Waarin zit nu dat verschil? Hier in het Europees Parlement - ik heb dat de afgelopen weken al meegemaakt - hebben we het over tienerzwangerschappen in Peru en over persvrijheid in Nigeria. Voorzitter, dat is niet in het belang van de Europese burgers! Orban daarentegen houdt zich bezig met de veiligheid in zijn land, met het beschermen van de grenzen.

    Hij zorgt goed voor de mensen in zijn land.

    CasaMedica - Più frutta alle mamme per migliorare l'apprendimento dei loro bambini

    Dat is het verschil! Iemand, een premier, die goed voor zijn inwoners zorgt verdient geen procedure 7. Nee, hij verdient een standbeeld! Ik zou dan ook graag een oproep willen doen en u willen vragen of er misschien nog wat budget vrij te maken is in de begroting om een standbeeld voor Orban op te richten.

    Barbara Kudrycka PPE. Vi vill inte ha ert rasistiska projekt. Kedves Sargentini kisasszony! Diese Gelder bewirken dort viel: eine stete Verbesserung der Lebensbedingungen, also weniger Arbeitslose und steigende Einkommen. So haben wir es uns eigentlich vorgestellt.