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Sometimes, Bodhi takes them in combination; sometimes he takes them alone. According to his father, Michael, Bodhi was diagnosed with severe autism when he was six. Susan has been skeptical of the diagnosis from the beginning. Many in the community believe Jani and Bodhi are victims of Munchausen syndrome by proxy , a disorder where parents or caretakers feign illness and disease in their children.

Josh Powell Explosion in Home Kills 3, Including Missing Mother Susan Powell's 2 Sons

Victims of Munchausen syndrome by proxy are usually smaller children, with caregivers who thrive off the attention they receive from caring for a sick child. In most cases, the attention comes from relatives and the local community. But YouTube commenters theorize that Susan got attention from the platform itself. According to SocialBlade, it could bring in at least a six-figure salary for the family. There was a Discovery Life documentary in , the Huffington Post wrote about the family in , and Dr.

Phil featured Jani on his daytime show in , just as her parents were identifying similar behaviors in her younger brother Bodhi.

Susan Carter's spell in prison

Their time in the limelight proved profitable. As media attention waned, Susan grew more active on YouTube, and her relationship with Michael faltered. They divorced in , and Susan took over as president of The Jani Foundation. Michael moved to Minnesota, remarried, and built a new life more than a thousand miles away from Jani, Bodhi, and Susan.

In the beginning, the channel featured videos of other children who were also believed to have schizophrenia. Several of those videos mirror the format Susan first used, but with other sick children and their parents discussing their behavior and pharmaceutical regimens. She documented tantrums, fits, toilet breaks, showers, and even a video of one child discussing her first period.

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After publication, she began to publish videos more frequently and tape more intimate moments with her children. When it became clear the family would be making new television appearances, concerned viewers started up a channel called The Schofield Lie, creating montages of clips of the children to show how they were being treated.

In August , a group of skeptics started a thread on Kiwi Farms, a lively forum for deep internet gossip. They began to document how much medication Susan said her children were taking over time, noting changes and different prescriptions from the slew of doctors Susan took her children to when others would not prescribe the strong antipsychotics she believed her children, especially Bodhi, needed.

Some users reached out to the family directly, either seeking more information or to antagonize them for what they saw as exploiting children for YouTube fame. The Kiwi Farms threads on the Schofields run more than pages, often with active rebuttals from Susan and her new husband. As the family put more and more of their lives online, strangers from around the world were able to reconstruct which types of medications the children were taking and in what dosage, just from clips of Susan talking online.

Susan seemed to take him to a different doctor seeking a different prescription for every checkup. According to attentive forum-goers , Bodhi was on at least mg of clozapine, mg of Depakote, and mg of Thorazine. The exact amount may be in doubt, but on YouTube, Susan had discussed her excitement of finally convincing doctors that Bodhi should be on both Thorazine and clozapine.

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Chronic use of older-generation antipsychotics like Thorazine can lead to a syndrome called tardive dyskinesia, which manifests as tics that are similar to the symptoms of Tourette syndrome. Bodhi, who once appeared lively and social, started to become nonverbal. Now in high school, she was still being taught basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. He was alarmed by what was happening and his inability to do anything about it.

He decided to call up Dr.

Powell Family: Father Stabs 2 Sons With Hatchet, Blows Up House After Wife Goes Missing

Phil again, seeking an intervention. He was clearly psychotic. They made a big mistake. Both Dr. Phil and celebrity doctor Charles Sophy agreed to help the family and their children, but only if Susan took down her channel.