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In fact, Emile never gave it much thought until Tameka Vito confronted him about it. He was at first shocked his sexuality was so obvious, and only then admitted it to himself. He realised that he'd truly known all along: He wanted to wear the mask for ever. They knew he was gay.

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All of them. And now he knew too. He'd always known of course, deep down, but somehow he'd managed to avoid actually admitting it to himself. Somehow he managed to keep his thoughts and feelings apart. He'd fancied boys. Oh, he'd ached after a couple of boys who lived on the relay station. Fallen into month-long depressions when they'd moved away or met girls.

But he'd never thought about it consciously. Never let himself acknowledge it. How the hell had he managed that? How had he lived like that?

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Was he so screwed up that he didn't even know what he felt? He'd been such a liar. Emile Mars-Smith [src]. Even people who identified as heterosexual have been shown to have occasional same-sex tendencies, proving that sexuality was fluid.

TV : Everything Changes , Greeks Bearing Gifts David Daniels had reportedly "slept with enough straight men to know that hope never died", and did not take someone's choice of category to mean much of anything. No matter how one identified, they could still derive sexual pleasure from watching people of another orientation. For instance, Fern " touched himself " while watching pornography that depicted sex between a man and a woman, two women, and two men.

According to the Seventh Doctor , the ancient Greeks and Romans linked war with homosexuality. Despite this, Shakespeare still flirted with the Tenth Doctor as well, who commented, " 57 academics just punched the air. Dancer and Rory obsess over the Siren. According to Bernice Summerfield , the s "weren't as enlightened" as her time when it came to sexuality.

This couple was not only same-sex, but different species — Vastra was a Silurian , while Jenny was a human. TV : The Snowmen An inspector the two worked with could barely take this in. TV : Fragments In , Gwyneth called Rose Tyler , who was native to the 21st century , "some kind of wild thing" for expressing the criteria she used in picking boys: "good smile, nice bum. In the 19th century , the Church in Ireland would not permit Brianna and Rosheen , two women, to marry.

Nevertheless, they became wives on their own terms. In and around the s , sex in general was somewhat tabooed. Emma-Louise Cowell 's mother would tell her that "no man wants to marry soiled goods. While Owen Harper was under the impression that the '50s were uptight and sexually repressed, Diane assured him, "You didn't invent it, you know. In s Britain , homosexuality was viewed as heavily abnormal, and Jack shocked everyone around him by dancing with and kissing another man at a goodbye dance at The Ritz.

Heterosexuals at that dance, though, had no problem even having mild sex in public; there was indeed a "lover's corner" intended for just this. TV : Captain Jack Harkness Alan Turing was persecuted for his homosexuality, but strongly believed that it was unalterable and perfectly natural. On visiting the s, Andy Davidson was arrested , along with Norton Folgate , for "public indecency", when the two were caught together in a public toilet , a popular spot for sexual encounters between men.

They were grossly mistreated by the arresting officers. This was a common occurrence for any gay man living the life of a "recreational bachelor". Such spots were frequently raided. By the early 21st century , homosexuality was more accepted, and children just accepted that some people had two mothers or two fathers. TV : Resolution.

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Homophobia still stuck around, though, and people like Rex Matheson maintained the prejudice. TV : Nightvisiting. By the s , gay couples could get married in the UK. Andy Davidson went to his Chief Constable 's "gay wedding ", and thought it a lovely affair. A 21st century advertisement shows off a nearly naked woman's body. By this point, one did not need to be in love to have sex with someone; according to Gwen Cooper , "sex could just be about having a good time together.

TV : Out of Time People kissed in public, and sexualised advertisements marked nearly every shop window. Emma expected to just have "a kiss and a cuddle " with a guy she met at a bar , but then found out that he wanted more. Diane, however, was perfectly comfortable with the 21st century attitude towards sex, as she had held much the same attitude in ' TV : Out of Time.

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Internet chat rooms existed in the s for people craving sexual partners online. DrLuvin entered the channel areyoulonely , thinking from the title it was a sexual nature. He wanted to know what Shirley was wearing, if it was something cute, hoping it was something tight-fitting and "slinky". Later on, in the s , smart phone apps existed allowed for gay men to "press a few buttons and then have sex with people".

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Norton Folgate , coming in from the s, took full advantage of 21st century hookup culture while in Tyler Steele 's body. Misunderstanding the fast pace of this century, however, Norton proposed to a sales clerk named Jay , whom he had met and had sex with earlier that same day, and freaked him out. According to Tyler, one did not say "I love you" on a first date, much less propose marriage , and half the men of Cardiff shared a serious fear of commitment or romantic intent.

Around , Fiona , or "Fee", was indifferent about people's sexual preferences, commenting, "Fine, if that's what turns them on," after being told that two women were lesbians. Benny , on the other hand, was fortunate in that the people of her own time had by and large developed a happy and relaxed and generally unobtrusive ambisexuality.

She had read of such human aberrations as homo- and lesbophobia in the course of her historical studies, but, like the vast majority of her contemporaries, she had never been able to understand how the people in history could have made such a big deal of such things. Sky Pirates! No one thinks twice about it. AUDIO : The Cold Equations Chris Cwej , from the 30th century , noted that his society had many sex-related problems, but only "once in a blue moon" did they involve sexual orientation.

The people of the 51st century were sexually active with not only multiple genders , but in fact many different non- human species.

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John Hart even found himself attracted to an Earth poodle. TV : Gridlock. Heterosexuality was sexual attraction to people of the opposite gender. Heterosexuals were often known as straights. Such was considered the norm into the 21st century. Bernice Summerfield noted that religious texts made heterosexuality compulsory, something which she found maddening. Gwen and Owen give in to their sexual tension.

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TV : Countrycide. Creed McIlveen felt drawn to images of young women who were "limber and tanned", and traced the legs of one with his salivated finger. Gilgamesh , king of Uruk , had a substantial sex drive, and many women reportedly felt "honoured" to sleep with him according to Avram. He could essentially pick whom he wanted, though he knew to stay away when he was not wanted. When Gwen and Owen had to hide together in a storage space to hide from Lisa Hallett , their closeness drew Owen to kiss her.

She later intimated that "I could feel your hard on. When Toshiko Sato listened in on their thoughts, they had had sex two times already that day, Gwen was considering taking him down to the Vaults for a third, and Owen was getting aroused by the thought of Gwen's tongue running across his teeth. Amy Pond did not look away as the newly- regenerated Eleventh Doctor got fully naked and changed into his new outfit at Royal Leadworth Hospital.

TV : Flesh and Stone. A young Blondie programmed a hologram to appear as a ten-centimetre woman named Tinkerbell , whom he kept in his locker.

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It took him thirty-six hours to complete, but his teenage libido urged him on. The Master married a human woman named Lucy Cole who was in favour of his evil actions, but fell out of love with him when their relationship became abusive. TV : The Doctor Falls. By Judy Bolton-Fasman.