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Instead of sending cold traffic directly to an ebook download page, use content to warm up your audience before asking them to submit their email address. You can do this in two steps:. Want to keep ahead of your competitors? Need to master a social platform? Discover how to improve your social media marketing at Social Media Marketing World , brought to you by your friends at Social Media Examiner.

Get in early for big discounts. Sale ends Friday, November 22nd, This approach can decrease your cost per lead significantly. After you run your ads for a while and gather conversion data, go to the Ads Manager to take a look at your costs. To do this, click the Columns button on the right and select Customize Columns from the drop-down menu. In the middle pane of the Customize Columns window, select the check boxes for the columns you want to add to the results table on the right.

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After you make your selections, select Save as Preset in the bottom-left corner and click Apply at the bottom right. If you added the Book Download and Cost per Book Download columns to your results as in the example above , you can see how many leads you generated and how much it cost you to get a lead.

#1: Set a Target Revenue Goal

After you create your custom audience, go to the Audiences section of Facebook Ads Manager. Click Create Audience and choose Lookalike Audience from the drop-down menu.

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Then simply choose your converted audience as the source. Pretty boring. Brands need to recast ideas in new and interesting ways to keep their customers excited and engaged. Repetition : The same thing over and over again. Innovation : The same idea expressed repeatedly, in a different way. Semantic consistency is what keeps your brand exciting, while rote consistency builds customer trust. Achieving a balance of these two factors is important to building your existing equity. For distributed enterprises, successfully balancing the two types of consistency requires supporting the right kind of innovation at the local level, making it easy for locals to comply with brand guidelines, and using a mixture of tools and strategic tactics like:.

Distributed brand equity is hard-earned and easily lost. It may take just one bad experience at their favorite store to turn a long-time, loyal customer off to your brand. Building on the equity you've already created by delivering a consistently great experience is a challenge. Doing that when you manage a network of thousands of affiliates, can feel next to impossible. Traditionally, businesses measure brand equity through customer knowledge, preference, and financial metrics.

Distributed brands can also determine brand equity through measuring output, local marketing metrics, and competitors. With a solid baseline understanding of distributed brand equity, your organization will be positioned to build equity through national efforts, improving local marketing performance, and support for local innovation. Your local marketers' perceptions are tied to action, and working to improve their equity measures will have a direct influence on your local execution and equity.

CampaignDrive is a distributed marketing platform designed with local marketing in mind. Our secure platform centralizes marketing assets across franchise and enterprise locations to give businesses a holistic view of their collateral and facilitate brand compliance across all branches and affiliates.

Brand managers, designers, and local marketers can have the tools they need to stay aligned with brand guidelines as well as automate and streamline processes for faster output. Are you looking for creative ways to enable local marketers to execute local marketing? Get The Local Marketing Playbook for new ideas, tactics, to inspire your local team.

Improve Your Cold Email Reply Rates: 10 Proven Formulas That Work

Is inconsistent branding across locations negatively impacting the customer experience and your company's bottom line? By CampaignDrive on August 13, Brand Management. Can someone else please comment and let me know if this iss happening to them too? This is a wonderful post about writing ad headlines.

The Ultimate Guide to No-Pain Copywriting (or, Every Copywriting Formula Ever)

I learned a lot after reading this article. These tips seem very helpful for me to write good direct and indirect ad headlines. I will be implementing these tips soon practically while promoting my blogs with paid advertising. This is really awesome thank you. Your article will surely help me.

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In one of his tips he suggest to just use a direct headline that will grab the […]. Similar to how you want your image to attract the viewer, […].


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Guides eBooks Webinars Blog. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest. Comments Impressive and valuable post. Your blog rocks! Hey Kris, Facebook Ads Manager is pretty limited and they apply the most restrictive length validation the one for the right column to every Ad.

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Thanks so much for your reply! That really helps a lot! Love it! You should do an ebook on CopyWriting! A detailed one. Amazing read! I have implemented your tips and have seen a higher conversion rate from my ads.

You have a great blog, kudos.