Manual The Secrets Of Anger Management: Learn how to control your rage and take control of your life.

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Look at stress as a test. Do you want to fail that test by getting stressed out? The only person responsible for your stress is you. Stress is energy. Are you going to use this energy for something productive or destructive? Will it matter tomorrow? Next week? Next Month? Previous Post By Buck. Next Post By Buck. Previous Post By Simone. Next Post By Allan. Anger Management Resources. Basic Information. Deciding To Manage Anger. Suggested Readings.

More Information. Blog Entries. If your child is sick, tired, or otherwise stressed, feelings of anger are more likely to erupt.

The Link Between Anger and Stress - Anger Management, Anxiety Attacks & Social Anxiety Disorder

If possible, don't put him or her into a difficult situation at these times. Teach older children to pay attention to these cues themselves. Encourage your child to see things from another point of view. Even young children can understand when someone else feels sad or angry. If they don't want to talk about their feelings, try inserting a favorite character from a book into the story. Ask questions to prompt your child to see another side of the issue and relate it to the situation at hand.

How would the characters feel and react?

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Remind them to forgive themselves and others. Even good people sometimes behave badly. Losing your temper once doesn't mean you can't change. Children especially need to believe that they will not be forever judged for their actions. When we are in the middle of an emotional situation, we can't always find the humor in it. Often disagreements are over rather silly things. Pointing these out in a gentle way can diffuse tension and lead to a solution. The use of silly words, like Doodyhead, can send the conversation in a new direction and the source of the anger may be forgotten.

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Physical contact can help defuse a challenging situation. A well-timed hug can ward off feelings of jealousy or frustration that can lead to anger. A gentle touch on an arm can help calm escalating nerves. Remember to praise your child for their attempts, not just their achievements. Sometimes people fail, and there is much to be learned when things go wrong. Remind your kids of their strengths and what they have accomplished thus far. Pointing out your own failures can help your children see that they can move forward and try again.

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Regular physical exercise may also reduce frustration, a frequent anger trigger. Exercise increases endorphins, and that feel-good feeling from regular exercise may carry over and keep a minor annoyance from growing unto something more. Encourage your child to look in a mirror when angry.

5 Keys to Controlling Anger

In all likelihood, he or she will not like the image. Anger is not an attractive emotion. It is said that watching video of his tantrums on the tennis court caused Roger Federer to stop his notorious behavior. Be aware of your own anger. Studies show that parental emotions influence their children. If you think you don't exhibit anger often, pay attention to how many times you yell or otherwise show anger maybe keep a journal , noting what triggers it and how you react yelling, punching the wall, hitting the steering wheel.

While anger is a normal part of life, it is sometimes indicative of a more serious issue. When anger falls outside developmental norms—for example, if a teacher reports your child's anger is out of control, or if it's impacting your child's and possibly your family's life—it is time to seek help. Several developmental and mental health issues can contribute to emotional outbursts. A professional evaluation can help diagnose and find the proper approach for your child.

The Link Between Anger and Stress

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