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The Earl watched students practicing DofE camping activities on the school fields and met past and present members of staff. Find out more about The Earl of Wessex here. Read about The Duke of Edinburgh's Diamond challenge, part of their 60th celebrations Skip to main content. Published 27 September Share this article:.

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The Earl of Wessex Search. The Earl and Countess of Wessex visit Brunei.

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Edgar was known as Pacificus , the Peaceable - or perhaps one should translate this as 'one who could impose his peace without having to fight'. There is very little known about his reign apart from its efficient administration - and perhaps that's a sign of how powerful he was. In , Edgar was able to have a great imperial coronation in Bath, in the presence of his subject kings.

Bath was probably chosen because of its imperial overtones: an ancient Roman city with still-standing Roman walls and monuments, including the Roman baths. The English kings were now the rulers of Britannia. They were the most powerful rulers of the land since the Romans, and they were aware of it. In less than a century, Alfred's dynasty had broken out from a few square miles of marshland to become Emperors of Britain.

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Next Previous. Home Explore the BBC. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Find out more about page archiving. The birth of England 2. Under one law 3.

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Bede, Angles and angels 4. A ruler of kingdoms 5. Alfred the Great 6. The Wessex dynasty 7.

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It appears that his son, Athelstan, was not intended to be king - although he was the first born of Edward's many children, he seems to have been viewed as illegitimate. Birth of England: The Wessex Kings. Anglo-Saxon Law and Order.

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Activity: Anglo-Saxon Coins. Quiz: Birth of England. Go Further. Loot: Why the Vikings Came to Britain.