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Beaver wouldn't want to go at first. When a class leaves for recess, their just-baked Gingerbread Man is left behind. Teachers often use the Gingerbread Man story to introduce new students to the geography and staff of schools, and this fresh, funny twist on the original can be used all year long.

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Includes a poster with fun activities! For Zara's dog, Moose, nothing is more important than being with her favorite girl.

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Hello, Moose! Unfortunately, dogs aren't allowed at school and Moose has to go back home. Goodbye, Moose. But Moose can't be held back for long. Through a series of escalating escapes, this loyal dog always finds her way back to Zara, and with a little bit of training and one great idea, the two friends find a way to be together all day long. Mind your manners! Wondering what to expect on your first day of school?

With 44 simple rules on how to behave, and how not to behave, at school, this giggly guidebook shows you exactly what it means to be the perfect student, and what happens when you're not Giggles are sure to ensue, and kids and their parents will surely want the companion book of how to behave, too! Llama Llama likes to sing. Gilroy laughs at everything.

Llama sings out just the same. Gilroy says a not-nice name. Teacher has some things to say: calling names is not OK. Llama Llama is learning lots of new things at school and making many friends. And then he remembers what his teacher told him—walk away and tell someone. It works! But then Llama Llama feels badly. Can he and Gilroy try to be friends again?

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I went to school. I came home. The art tells a fuller tale of calamity on the way to school and an unpredictably happy ending. I wanted to write a book.

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When Maxine's school puts on a pet parade, she creates a unique contraption to allow her very special pet fish, Milton, to participate. Charlotte loves playing and talking with her friends, but very often she plays and talks too much, and at school she has to learn that sometimes it is necessary to listen and let her friends and teacher do the talking. When Ms.

Alex is called away from the classroom, she leaves Yasmin in charge, but the other children just ignore her and start acting silly and noisy--until Yasmin thinks up a way to motivate them to finish the math assignment, quietly. Todd has a trick or two of his own planned in the latest Judy Moody tale for newly independent readers. Todd, thanks to an awesome present from her brother, Stink.

Gotcha, Mr. But in all the excitement over spaghetti trees, April fish, and fools' errands, Judy worries that something else will be forgotten by Mr. Will her friends remember in time, or will Judy be the fool this year? And just what might Mr. Todd have up his sleeve? Sam is so shy that nobody knows much about him, but when he must stand in front of his class for show-and-tell, he finds the courage to share. Skippyjon Jones really wants to go to school. School is for dogs, his mama tells him. But nothing can stop Skippy-once inside his closet, he finds himself on the playground of his imagination, surrounded by dogs of all kinds.

He bays with the beagles, learns French with the poodles, and checks out a Chihuahua book from the library. And when a bully starts sending shiver-itos down the spines of the little yippers, Skippy saves the day and earns the biggest gold star. Cat is not pleased to be tapped as substitute teacher. Not only is it cutting into his nap time, but a roomful of kittens is a little, well, scary. At school, he's faced with six adorable kittens and follows the lesson plan of music, building, and painting-only in pure, mischief-making Cat style.

By the end, Cat has learned a thing or two about inspiring others by being himself. But even more heart-melting and humorous is what the kittens have learned from Cat. Peppa Pig is back! Get ready to join in on two new adventures starring the beloved, award-winning U. Peppa is having a busy day at school — learning numbers and letters, painting, making music, and playing outside.

Luckily, Peppa can revert to her true specialty: jumping in muddy puddles! Rendered in a combination of traditional and digital color, Mary Had a Little Lizard is a silly, satisfying celebration of new experiences and friendships that can never be broken. A turkey is running loose in a school right before a Thanksgiving play. Can YOU help catch it? Fun and chaos ensue as students turn their school upside down trying to catch the turkey, ending with a twist that ensures no turkeys are harmed or eaten!

The th day of school is almost here and one student is desperate to find of anything to bring to class. Then all of sudden inspiration strikes, and he comes up with a surprise that makes the th day celebration one to remember!

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This hilarious story of a popular school tradition offers a perfect modern twist on Clement C. All the kids are getting ready for the sweetest holiday of the year! Join in on all of the card-making fun, and then come along to school the next morning for a day of parties and games! In September, when the school principal promises to kiss a pig if the students read 10, books, a girl volunteers Hamlet, her unwilling, Shakespeare-quoting pet pig. But poor Hamlet wants nothing to do with such foolishness.

I see the hosta shooting up like tightly rolled cigars and then opening, opening, a little more each day, allowing themselves to be coaxed by the sun. Finally they settle in, their leaves wide open, the plant equivalent, I imagine, of a green, oxygenated, all-encompassing, hug. And I see human-made changes as well. One day, a lawn will be thick and high and dense with dandelions; the next it will be trimmed and preening. That smell—fresh-cut grass with a hint of gasoline—lingers pleasingly. Mulch appears where weeds were yesterday.

New-planted pansies turn their blank, shy faces to the sun.

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And one day the big brick house with the White House-style portico has a For Sale in front of it. I snap a picture and send it off to Mark, and before I am home, he has researched everything about that house, from square footage and number of bathrooms to current asking price and the price the current owners paid seven years ago. We are not in the market, but we ARE in the know. There is wildlife. Sweet but foolish big-eyed bunnies freeze as I approach them, nibbling halted, thinking, I am sure, that they have frozen themselves into invisibility.

One day I see a substantially-sized bird on the sidewalk as I round a corner. A little further down the street, I feel that ripple in the force, and I look around to see two mama deer staring at me solemnly from under a majestic evergreen. I stop a moment and we just look at each other. Then, before I can wish them good morning, they turn in unison, and they bound away, gracefully disappearing into the foggy backyards.

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Lacy, intricate, glistening: they are works of grandeur and fleeting beauty. I stop and try to capture an echo of their glory with my cell phone camera. And then I am home, and the coffee has churgled itself into being; the boyos are pouring cereal and laying out plans for the day. My gears switch and a new kind of engagement kicks in. But the morning walk informs it, and the trials and the triumphs build a foundation, a solid, thoughtful platform, on which to build this day.

Snow and frigid temperatures, sun and balmy days, rain and wind and sleet…all of those kinds of weather crammed into the last three weeks. And Connie, the Fitbit on my wrist, blithely ignores all of it. If I sit too long, snuggled in the chair by the fire, she buzzes me out of rapt reading. And every other week, Connie challenges me to add steps to my daily total. My walks get longer and more well-planned. I like that best: taking long strides, swinging my arms, the fresh air rubbing my cheeks.